Journal List for Mechanical Faculty:


1. Applied mechanic review(ASME)1977-2001

 a. AIAA journal 1995-2000


 b. alloys index 1990-1998

2.proceeding part f: journal of transit 1989-2001

                                g.journal of aerospace engineering 1989-   


                                   h.journal of engineering in medicine 1997-


                                   i.journal of dynamic and control engineerin

                                   g 1992-2001

                          journal of advanced

                                   manufacturing 1995-2000

3.proceeding part  a.journal of power and energy1983-2001

                                   b.journal of engineering manufacturing


                                   c.journal of mechanical engineeringscience


                                   d.journal of automobile engineering1986-       2001

                                   e.journal of process mechanical

                                   engineering 1898-2001 journal of heat and mass transfer 1982-2000

5.journal of material proceeding technology 1981-2000

-ieee transaction on ultrasonic,ferroelectronic and frequency control 1988-1999

-international journal of fracture mechanics 1995-1998

-hydrocarbon processing 1976-1977

140 nissan

FAG standard program

-technical data1976

-tables and specifications buses 1977

-koyo-ball and roller bearings

-pneumatic application examples

-SKF(plain bearing)

SKF(bearing in machine tools)

SKF(needle roller bearing)

SKF (general catalogue)

FAG standard programme

FAG(kugellager fag rollenager


-1980 wiring diagrams motorcycles

-idas 2000  international directory of automotive suppliers and vehicle manufacturing

-micromechanics of random media

-material instabilitiess

-955 combine (part catalog)

-atos (atos  aerodynamica Spa)

-catalog of Hilton co.-

-bauer|three phase        catalog sg 89e

1.    ALAA journal of American institute of aeronautic

2.    applied mechanic review

3.    automotive engineer

4.    computers and fluids

5.    engineering fracture mechanics

6.    experimental mechanics

7.    institution diesel and gas turbine engineering

8.    international journal of heat and mass and transfer

9.    JSME international journal of series A-B-C

10.materials world

11.proceeding of  the institute of mechanical A

12.proceeding of the institute of mechanical B

13.proceeding of the institute of mechanical C

14.proceeding of the institute of mechanical D

15.proceeding of the institute of mechanical E

16.proceeding of the institute of mechanical F

17.proceeding of the institute of mechanical G

18.proceeding of the institute of mechanical H

19.proceeding of the institute of mechanical I

20.transaction of the ASME A

21.transaction of the ASME B

22.transaction of the ASME C

23.transaction of the ASME  D

24.transaction of the ASME E

25.transaction of the ASME F

26.transaction of the ASME  H

27.transaction of the ASME I

28.transaction of the ASME J

29.transaction of the ASME L

30.transaction of the ASME R

31.transaction of the ASME T

32.transaction of the ASME G





bauer|helica worm

|geared molor


-vocational education & training (Philip harris)

6.nation      1970-1078

-international journal of mechanical science 1995-1999

-experimental technique 1995-1999

-experimental mechanics 1995-2000

-engineering computations (international journal for -computer-added engineering and software) 1995-1997

-lubrications world (person of product) 1997

7. heat transfer 1982-2000

-solar energy engineering 1995-1998

-pressur vassel technology 1982-2000

-engineer materials and technique 1982-2000

-international journal of multiphase plans 1987-1999

8.journal of fluid engineering (ASME) 1982-2000

-journal of engineering for industry (ASME)1982-1994

-journal of dynamic system ,measurement,and control (ASME) 1995-2000

-journal of mechanical design (ASME) 1988-2000

-journal of tribology(ASME) 1982-2000

-mechanism and machine theory 1987-1999

9.journal of turbomachinary(ASME0 1996-2000

-journal of manufacturing science and engineering(ASME) 1996-2001

-journal of engineering for gas turbines and power (ASME) 1982-2001

-journal of applied mechanic(ASME) 1982-2001

-journal of offshore mechanics and arctic engineering (ASME) 1995-1998

-chemical engineering progress

-automatic servicing

-journal of metal physics

-transaction of the American mathematical society

10.mechanics of solids 1978-1999

-science 1976-1978

-welding in the world 1984-1995

-journal of non-linear mechanics 2000-2001

-applied  physics ,vacuum, energie  CME

10. mechanical system  , machine elements and manufacturing  (JSME) 1995-2001

-fluid and thermal engineering (JSME) 1995-2001

-solid mechanics and material engineering (JSME) 1995-2001

-material world 1993-2000

-metallurgical transaction

-development and corporation

-journal of testing and evaluation

11. metals and materials 1985-1992

-automatics engineering 1990-2000

-journal of vibration and  agustics  (ASME) 1997-2001

-journal of numerical methods in fluids 2000

-transaction and diesel and gas turbine engineers

-engineering in medicine

-american scientist

-international laboratory

12.journal of vacuum science & technology A (JSME) 2000

-the journal of science and engineering corrosion


-engineering fracture mechanics 1987-2001

-ESA bulletin

-iranian journal of chemistry and chemical engineering 2001- Iranian biomechanical journal

-mechanics pan -american 1983-1991

-journal of fluid mechanics 1993-1999

-material abstracts 1987-1997

-material abstracts index 1978-1997

-mathematics(research and communication) 1987-1997

-international journal of numerical methods in engineering 1998

-journal of guidance control and dynamic 1998