K. N. Toosi Univ., French universities to hold joint courses
K. N. Toosi Univ., French universities to hold joint courses
K. N. Toosi University of Technology has joined some French universities to hold joint post-graduate courses.

The dean of Electro-engineering faculty of K. N. Toosi University recounted his latest trip along with the university president and the dean of industry engineering faculty to France which came after the MoU signed between the Iranian part with the French universities in Tehran.


“In early spring of 2015, the Iranian Science Ministry invited a French delegation of university professors to visit Iran.K. N. Toosi University hosted the meetings. During the visit, expansion of international relations of the Iranian universities, along with offering joint courses were on the agenda of talks,” said Hamid Reza Taghiraad, the Dean of Electro-engineering Faculty of K. N. Toosi University University of Tehran.

To work on details and finalize the agreements reached, the Iranian delegation left for France and held talks with a host of French universities including France's Supmica Technical University which specializes in mechanical, industrial and mechatronics engineering and Enea University, as the 3rd top French electrical engineering university.

According to the agreement, the Iranian university and the French universities will hold MS courses in industrial engineering in which the students will study one year in Iran and one year in France.

While directly in touch with Iranian university, Taghiraad added that Supmica Technical University and Enea University will engage three other French universities to have indirect cooperation with K. N. Toosi University.

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