Iranain prof. receives Arrhenius award
Iranain prof. receives Arrhenius award

K. N. Toosi University of Technology professor was awarded Arrhenius Research Award 2015 in Environmental Science.

Atop 500 competitors, Ahmad Mirbagheri was honored Arrhenius Research Award for his mathematic model of stimulating the quality of underground water resources.

The research has analyzed and evaluated Damghan Basin hydrochemically and investigates the qualitative and quantitative changes in groundwater resources of the Basin.

The research has been published on Water Resources Reasearch and the Journal of Energy and Environmental Science.

The mathematic model presented in this research while evaluating the quality and quantity of underground water resources, has the ability to calculate the time period the resources will remain healthy and drinkable as well as the time they will turn to saline water.

Predicting the condition of underground water is an issue of high importance for counties all over the world and will play a vital role in agriculture, urban and industrial policy-making.


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