K. N. Toosi research team designed hybrid bicycle to enter production phase by few month
K. N. Toosi research team designed hybrid bicycle to enter production phase by few month

Researchers from K. N. Toosi University of Technology have designed a hybrid bicycle prototype inspired by Asiatic Cheetah, expected to enter the final stage of production by late Nov.

Mohammad Taghi Bathaei, the project manager, told MNA correspondent that a team comprising five students from Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology have finished the prototype design for a type of hybrid bicycle and will begin the production process by late November.


The hybrid bicycle which has been inspired by the Asiatic Cheetah bypasses the typical shortcomings of ordinary bicycles such as a very difficult driving cycle, low speed and weak dynamic compound, he said.

“In electronic bicycles, pedaling is done with the aim to increase speed, and since there is no obligation to use the pedal, the movement is carried out smoothly and more easily, making the cycling experience more enjoyable for the user,” he said.

The smaller size of the hybrid bicycles as well as their cost and energy efficiency make them a much better candidate compared to other typical methods of transport.

Bathaei stressed that the actual nature of bicycle as a vehicle moving via muscle energy has been preserved in the Iranian design, adding the speed and dynamic function of the hybrid bicycle will be two to three times more than ordinary bicycles.

According to Bathaei, the hybrid bicycle weighs 30kg and has the potential to become a popular brand in the global market.

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