Faculty Dean
 Prof. Dr. Hamid Ebadi

 Faculty Dean

 Phone: (+98 21) 88770218

 Email: ebadi@kntu.ac.ir

 Website: http://wp.kntu.ac.ir/ebadi


Dr. Ebadi has been project coordinator and partner in more than 50 research projects. He has been the senior specialized consultant in the Geographic Information System (GIS) research and projects at Tavanir Company, Ministry of Energy since 2004. He is the author of more than 35 journal papers and more than 100 conference papers. He has supervised more than 10 Doctoral and 50 Master students. His current research interests include photogrammetry and its applications in GIS, information extraction from satellite imagery, fusion and optimization of photogrammetry and Lidar and finally object enhancement and extraction from airborne and spaceborne images.


  • Develop, administer, and promote the academic programs and academic support functions of the faculty including international programs;
  • Notifying the nomination, retention, promotion, tenure, and compensation of faculty, department chairs, and staff members in departments and units assigned to the faculty
  • Extend offers for employment or initiate a dismissal within the faculty in consultation with the chairs and faculty counsel;
  • Coordinate and promote academic proposals, changes, reviews, and other academic issues with the other deans of the university, and other institutions and groups;
  • Coordinate the departments and programs within the faculty
  • Develop and coordinate educational policies, planning functions and physical facilities planning and utilization of the faculty;
  • Provide leadership, conduct and implement strategic planning;
  • Develop external relationships for the purposes of (1) providing meaningful community outreach opportunities for students and faculty; and (2) increasing additional fundraising opportunities,
  • Responsible for managing and monitoring faculty budgets, allocate and provide oversight of department budgets and program fees
  • Supervise marketing and public relations and recruitment activities of the College.
  • Provide oversight and coordination of the college’s website
  • Determination of the administrative policies of the faculty with the declared policies by the university
  • Notifying the subdivision offices about the recent changes in rules and regularities, faculty council decisions and commands of university officials
  • Structuring the consistent implementation of rules and regulations
  • Monitoring the faculty instructional activities, teaching workload and its research and development assigned time program.
  • Proposing the above mentioned related schedules to the university council for consideration and approval
  • Provide support and coordination among academic staff, educational programs and the university council Designing the required programs to conduct both basic and applied researches and monitoring their progress
  • Managing scientific relationships & organizing communications with the help of Research Affairs and Industrial Relations Office of the university
  • Provide timely welfare and services for the students with the cooperation of student affairs unit
  • Help to prepare required instruments, supplies and equipment, and to plan the annual budget with the cooperation of the finance and administration office
  • Predicting the requirements of new faculty members and its recruitment strategies 


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